A Virtual Optical Shop which eases the customer efforts in choosing the Opticals which match their preferences using face mapping and Leap Motion technology.

Leap Opticals

In the era where crunch of time is the biggest problem, we all want things to be done within minutes. So, somewhere and somehow to curb this down, e-commerce sites have evolved. Whenever you want to buy yourself an optical, there are always two options for you: Shop or E-commerce. In the former, as already said, the problem is we want things to be done in minutes, but that’s impossible. And in the latter, the uncertainty of choosing the best frame and limited number of options make it difficult. Here, we come, the LEAP OPTICALS to solve this problem of folks by giving them a virtual platform to choose their own optical. The application is a great combination of three technologies including face Mapping which helps to match your eyes with right frame, they just need to upload and picture of them and check the options available there, the next is leap motion technology making it easy to use for the customers by introducing Swiping methodology and an open-source e-commerce platform called Magento, all of the three make it a junction for the frame-lovers. We aim to solve the problems of the customers with time crunch or others with problem in choosing their Opticals in e-commerce sites




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Key takeaways

Design should be backed by Data

Design can’t just be for the sake of design, it needs to serve a purpose and solve a problem. Design decisions should be intentional and using data to help understand the why, what, and who you need to design for is crucial to supporting why you made a design choice.

Get clear about the feedback you want

Feedback is invaluable, but getting clear on the feedback that you need is just as important. Understanding that people’s time is precious, being clear about what you need from a meeting, review, or critique is invaluable


May, 2014


Idea, E-Commerce, Design, Hackathon