Helping visually impaired people with a simple piece of paper



Visually impaired people find it difficult to move around in and unknown Indoor area due to unavailability of any support systems. Therefore, development of indoor navigation system for visually impaired people Is important and necessary.

Proposed approach

  • To create tactile navigation language on a paper for indoor spaces.
  • It contains comprehensive symbols denoting locations and number of steps written beside the path which are indicated using Roman numerical by embossing on the paper
  • This map gives the overview of the location where the user is located.


On validation with visually impaired person it was found that the navigation system help them in orienting themselves in Indoor area.


The Map increases the independence of visually impaired while walking indoors by the use of a simple interpretable map.

Though target users are blind and partially blind, it can be used by anyone who has a primary knowledge of maps and Roman numerical.

Future Work

Development of floor maps of Indoor Infrastructures which are accessed by visually impaired persons.

Development of mobility and orientation training module of the navigation map.


June, 2018




LVPEI Center for Innovation